Zinfandel – Grape Variety

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“Turbo-charged blackberry meeting a spice warehouse”
Matthew Jukes.

Makes Dry red wines that can be bold and full-bodied with high alcohol and moderate tannins

or off-dry Blush wines known as “White Zinfandel” in California


Origin – Croatia – known as Tribidrag


Main wine-growing areas:

Puglia, Italy, where it is known as Primitivo

California where it is known as Zinfandel
also popular in Australia


Dense & fruity, spiced berries, boysenberries*, hints of dried fruits, thyme and other herbs, sweet coconut if new American oak used in maturation process; which tends to be more harmonious with the berry flavours


Red Meat Casseroles, BBQ, Duck (even Chinese Duck), Chocolate – yum!!


*a strain of raspberry

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