April 26, 2013

If you go to itunes and type in “wine” you will see numerous sub-categories to choose from each containing several apps. I haven’t explored them all but I did use this A-Z Challenge as an opportunity to try a few new ones.

A few names that seem to appear frequently on top 10 lists such as Hello Vino and Wine Notes didn’t seem to be on the UK itunes store so I cannot vouch for them. My search criteria limited me to iphone/ipad apps (I only have the latter) as well as free apps. I ignored apps to help you organize you wine cellar as I don’t have one, wine doesn’t hang around in our house and being an expat a cellar is not on the horizon.

I already use Natalie Maclean’s informative food & wine matcher and have a version on my site. I reviewed the WineQuest App under the Umami post and am still enjoying using that.

For educational tools I would recommend the WSET Wine Game App, yes it is a game but you cannot proceed up the levels without focusing on your mistakes and learning something along the way. The higher levels are of course very enlightening; I was addicted when I first installed it. Might be time for a re-visit. I tried the Great Wine Regions game but was very disappointed and like so many apps it is merely a gateway to get you to download their paid version – a Wine Masterclass which may be good but I had lost interest by then.

Berry Brothers & Rudd are a very highly respected wine merchant in the UK. Their Wine List app is a source of much wine-related knowledge and includes their blog and even a virtual wine school covering major grape varieties. Highly recommended.

I have saved the best app for last and it does need to be paid for; my treasured Decanter Magazine. It is a UK publication that says it is the world’s best wine magazine. It is definitely one of my wine bibles. They interview leading winemakers, cover winemaking regions in depth and keep you up-to-date with the latest wine news. I get very excited to receive an email notice that my latest version is available. It prompts me to fire up the coffee machine, turn off my phone (a rare occurrence) and settle down for an hour or so to see what is in store this month.

Please let me know if any of you have any interesting wine app suggestions

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