Dream Team of Dinner Party Wines
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Published 1 May 2017, ABWM Magazine, “Take A Sip” Column, Malaysia Rather than following this edition’s theme of suggesting my perfect dinner partners I’ve listed my dream team of wines…. Champagne for starters.  The choice of quality champagnes is vast, but more … Read More

New Latitude Wines
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The majority of the world’s wine-making regions lie between latitudes of 30-50N and 30-50S; the climate is best suited to grape growing within those parameters. It could be argued that climate change will shift those boundaries in favour of certain … Read More

England’s Green and Pleasant Wines
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  I was in England earlier this year and managed to pay my first visit to a local vineyard.  Chapel Down in Tenterden, Kent is our largest producer at around 1 million bottles of wine, roughly a sixth of the … Read More

E is for England’s green and pleasant (wine) land
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Who would have predicted that good old England would be producing some award-winning sparkling wines and really very decent still wines? I knew the industry was expanding for various reasons but I was surprised to find that there are currently … Read More

English (& Welsh) Wines
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This time last year I wrote about sparkling wines from England. I thought you might like to learn about the still wines produced on our fair isle too. A Chapel Down white wine was reported as being served at the … Read More