January 30, 2021

Pink Prosecco is finally official. With impeccable timing it arrived in the UK in time for Christmas. We are all familiar with the white version but Italian officials approved the rosé category last year. The new DOC is allowed to use up to 15% Pinot Noir (red-skinned) grapes giving the wine this perfect pale pink hue.

It is deliciously fresh, light & floral, tasting of raspberries & redcurrants. It has fine and persistent bubbles. It is classed as Extra Dry which in sparkling wine terms means, rather confusingly, that it may have slightly more residual sugar than Brut. The difference is minimal and not noticeable in this finely balanced fruity wine.

Costellore Prosecco Rosé, Millesimato 2019,
Aldi’s version is available at a very reasonable £6.49

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