April 15, 2013

I have started running again, outside rather than on a treadmill, and I am loving it. I have even signed up for some official (short race) competitions and I was reminded recently about the Medoc Marathon in Bordeaux, France. This year it is on 7 September, the route of which runs through some of the greatest vineyards in the world; 59 vineyards to be precise, starting and finishing in the Pauillac region.

As you reach every mile marker you will be offered red, white, or water and after 23 miles Oysters too. I am not sure that Oysters are necessarily good for marathon runners. They are purported to have certain aphrodisiac properties and I really don’t think they are a good match for Bordeaux white wine either, I must talk to the organisers.

The cut-off time for the race is 6.5 hours which is very generous, allowing a pace of 14.52 minutes per mile. I calculate that as an average strolling pace allowing a quick tasting at selected or alternate or even each and every mile marker depending on your commitment.  Over half the field wears fancy dress just to add to the frivolity.  You can choose: Cyrano de Bergerac, Folies Bergere, a bunch of grapes, a cork etc etc.

The prize? Just for finishing you receive a medal and a bottle of wine with a special marathon label, However if you are superfit, and presumably don’t taste any of the wines en route then you can win your weight in Grand Cru wine. I know, as I frequently try to squeeze the odd one into my suitcase, that a bottle of wine weighs on average 1.25kg, I will let you do the maths.

My flight out of France this year is on the 4th of September so alas not for me this time, however, I am seriously thinking of incorporating this event into my French trip next year, don’t think I can resist…………join me??


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