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Dream Team of Dinner Party Wines

Published 1 May 2017, ABWM Magazine Malaysia “Take A Sip” Column Rather than following this edition’s theme of suggesting my perfect dinner partners I’ve listed my dream

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The Wine Lady’s June 2014 Newsletter

This month we explore the health benefits (or not) of moderate wine consumption.  We have a fab mixed case offer from Chile, and yet another

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Wine O’Clock

This month’s Newsletter covers some fabulous fortified wines, that I think everyone of legal drinking age should try.  To compliment these wines, there is a

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French Dinner Party for Easter

In my March Newsletter, I have created a French Dinner Party menu with delicious recipes and wines to match, which are rather conveniently available in

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Wines for Celebrations

In my February Newsletter, I discuss collecting wines for future family celebrations. It is never too early to get started!

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Newsletter – Summer Days – June 2013

This month’s Newsletter offers some ideas for wine tourism for anyone travelling this summer.  Otherwise you can have summer in your glass and on your

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Newsletter – Your Wine Type – May 2013

In this month’s newsletter take a fascinating online test to discover why you like the wines you like.  This month’s wine offer is a fabulous

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