Wine Reviews are a product of my Wine Club which meets every 4-6 weeks. The members are part of my home-grown group of Le Vin et La Femme (LVLF) wine students & enthusiasts.  The majority of them have completed 2 levels of my wine courses and attended several wine events. They have shown great understanding and a real aptitude for wine tasting. Click on the following links to our reviews:


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Our Mission:
We are in pursuit of quality wines at down-to-earth prices representing value for money in the Malaysian marketplace.  We know a good wine when we see, smell and taste it and we want to share that with you.

Each member tastes the wines blind. Using a standard tasting system we make a judgement on the quality of the wine.  We then estimate the price category:


“Good” – If we like the wine and our estimate is close to the actual retail price .

“Fabulous” – If our estimate is above the actual retail price the wine is classified “Fabulous” or even

Absolutely Fabulous if it jumps a price category

If our estimate is below the retail price then it is assessed as not good value and will not be recommended.

Recommendations: We will only recommend a wine if the majority of our members reach an agreement on both quality and value for money.


I        under MYR50,
II      MYR50-80,
III     MYR80-110,
IV     MYR110-150,
V    MYR150+