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Do you remember your first glass of Australian Chardonnay?  Was it sunshine in a glass together with heaps of alcohol and oak flavouring? At a

No, I don’t either, I do however remember the first wine that made me sit up and take note – I was preparing a tasting

From WeightWatchers.co.uk Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 medium Lime, Whole, zest and juice 2 medium Passion Fruit 2 medium Orange 300 g Yogurt, Greek, 0% Fat

From Matching Food and Wine by Michel Roux Jr Serves 6 Ingredients: 18 (350gms) tiger prawns 6 tbsp vegetable oil 2 garlic cloves 2 tsp

So many R possibilities. I was sorely tempted to cover the Rhone Valley for the R blog but I Realized that would take days, so

Things have moved on since the days of Blue Nun or Black Tower (both of which are making a comeback apparently). German QmP wines are

  From Wine, Food & Friends, by Karen MacNeil Serves 10 Ingredients: Cooking Spray 10 (50gm) slices sturdy white bread 2 cups late harvest sweet

What is it? A luscious dessert wine, thick and viscous, tastes of apricot, peaches, honey, mango, melon and has some nuttiness too, with a long

In the October Newsletter – details of the Food & Wine Club, Recipe and Wine of the Month

(How to be a Domestic Goddess – Nigella Lawson) Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 225g soft unsalted butter 225g caster sugar 4 large eggs 50g plain flour

From “Weightwatchers ProPoints” Serves 4, 2 ProPoints each if you are counting……… Ingredients Cooking Spray 1 large onion. chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tablespoon