Published 1 May 2017, ABWM Magazine Malaysia “Take A Sip” Column Rather than following this edition’s theme of suggesting my perfect dinner partners I’ve listed my dream

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The 2014 Wine and Food Club for Beginners starts after Chinese New Year and will be held on two Fridays each month.  

No, I don’t either, I do however remember the first wine that made me sit up and take note – I was preparing a tasting

This month’s Newsletter offers some ideas for wine tourism for anyone travelling this summer.  Otherwise you can have summer in your glass and on your

At a lunch recently I was very pleasantly surprised to see a progressive wine list. The Acme Bar in KL has arranged its wines into

In this month’s newsletter take a fascinating online test to discover why you like the wines you like.  This month’s wine offer is a fabulous

If you go to itunes and type in “wine” you will see numerous sub-categories to choose from each containing several apps. I haven’t explored them

I just couldn’t justify blogging about anything else beginning with N. For the few who do not know, Nigella is an English home cook who

B is for Bordeaux, or do you prefer Bored Doe? More importantly which of these two wines would you buy? Particularly as the latter is

I am sorry to say that this isn’t the launch of my latest wine course, or book club for that matter. It is the name

At the end of last year I was approached by SOMLAY, the Malaysian Sommelier society to cover the South East Asia Best Sommelier Competition. They

Food & Wine Club – a new Beginners Course Starting at the ABWM House in Bangsar 2x Fridays every month Come along to the Introductory

In the October Newsletter – details of the Food & Wine Club, Recipe and Wine of the Month