Dream Team of Dinner Party Wines
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Published 1 May 2017, ABWM Magazine, “Take A Sip” Column, Malaysia Rather than following this edition’s theme of suggesting my perfect dinner partners I’ve listed my dream team of wines…. Champagne for starters.  The choice of quality champagnes is vast, but more … Read More

New Wines for A New Year – even a Rooster
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If you are looking for something new in the world of wine you may like to try a “Natural” or “Sans Soufre” wine (made without the addition of Sulphur Dioxide).  The natural wine movement has been around for more than … Read More

A Champagne Vintage fit for the Queen
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Late last year I attended a Pol Roger Champagne tasting which consisted of their NV (non-vintage) Brut, Vintage 2002, Rosé Vintage 2004 and their top Cuvée (special blend) Sir Winston Churchill 2000. I was struck not only by the quality … Read More

U is for Umami
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I plan to talk about Wine Apps in a few days but couldn’t wait to let you know about “WineQuest” which, and I quote, “after a quick taste interview can predict if you’re going to love, like, or simply hate … Read More

P is for Pear and Almond Cake with Almond Crunch Topping
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I have used this very wine-friendly recipe on many occasions and it never fails to delight everyone.  The classic combination of Pear & Almond matches well with many sweet as well as certain sparkling wines whether they are dry or … Read More

J is for Jeroboam
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It is the name given to the 3 litre bottle size for Champagne (4 x the normal 75cl bottle). The French like to get us a little confused from time to time so this name is also given to 4.5 … Read More

D is for Dosage (I’m talking Champers)
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This post should be read with a heavy French accent – I have given pronunciation clues where necessary. The dosage (le dosaaarge) describes one of the final steps in the process relating to the Traditional Method of sparkling wine production. … Read More