From by Sarah Cook Serves 15 squares Ingredients: 200gms dark chocolate, broken into chunks 100gms milk chocolate, broken into chunks 250gms pack salted butter

from by Sarah Cook Serves 8 Ingredients: 100gms softened butter, plus extra for greasing 8 tbsp maple syrup 3 small ripe bananas and 1

From by Nigella Larson Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 250 gms soft unsalted butter (plus some for greasing) 75 gms caster sugar 75 gms light brown

From by Nigella Lawson Serves 16 Ingredients: for the cake: 200 gms soft unsalted butter (plus some for greasing) 200 gms caster sugar 200

From BBC Good Food by Barney Desmazery Serves 10-12 Ingredients: 140gms ground almonds 140gms butter, softened 140gms golden caster sugar 140gms self-raising flour 2 eggs

I have used this very wine-friendly recipe on many occasions and it never fails to delight everyone.  The classic combination of Pear & Almond matches

I just couldn’t justify blogging about anything else beginning with N. For the few who do not know, Nigella is an English home cook who

From Nigellissima by Nigella Lawson Serves 8-12 slices Ingredients: 150ml regular olive oil, plus more for greasing 50gm good quality cocoa powder, sifted 125ml boiling

From Nigellissima by Nigella Lawson Makes 16 slices Ingredients: 150gm plain yogurt 150ml flavourless vegetable oil, plus some for greasing 3 eggs 250gm caster sugar

Pear & Almond Cake with Almond Crunch Topping (Delicious Magazine Published Jan 2008 ) Serves 8 Ingredients: 175g softened butter 150g caster sugar 1tsp vanilla