A-Z Blog Challenge

This is my favourite grape variety; so in many ways I have saved the best until last for this A-Z blogging Challenge. This red grape

Today I went shopping for a [yellow tail] wine. This was a first. I find the story about the success of the wine fascinating but

One of the three traditional and indigenous grape varieties used in the making of Cava sparkling wine bringing strength and body to the blend. Cava

If you go to itunes and type in “wine” you will see numerous sub-categories to choose from each containing several apps. I haven’t explored them

Or in other words the growing of the grapes (that will be turned into wine). This covers many areas such as the treatment of the

I plan to talk about Wine Apps in a few days but couldn’t wait to let you know about “WineQuest” which, and I quote, “after

Tannin – found in red wine, is characterised by astringency (a dry or rough sensation in the mouth) and bitterness (detected by your tastebuds at

A plethora of S words today. I Settled on these Scrumptious fishcakes. I Stumbled upon the recipe when I was looking for a match for

So many R possibilities. I was sorely tempted to cover the Rhone Valley for the R blog but I Realized that would take days, so

Things have moved on since the days of Blue Nun or Black Tower (both of which are making a comeback apparently). German QmP wines are

I have used this very wine-friendly recipe on many occasions and it never fails to delight everyone.  The classic combination of Pear & Almond matches

Wines that have been too heavily oaked can be overpowering. But the subtle use of oak will only enhance a wine and if done really

I just couldn’t justify blogging about anything else beginning with N. For the few who do not know, Nigella is an English home cook who

I have started running again, outside rather than on a treadmill, and I am loving it. I have even signed up for some official (short

Every 6-8 weeks I invite my original group of students to come along for a blind tasting of a selection of wines that we review