April 20, 2013

So many R possibilities. I was sorely tempted to cover the Rhone Valley for the R blog but I Realized that would take days, so much to blog about but then I thought about Riesling and couldn’t Resist.

Recently I Remembered my first Riesling tasting. It was a Rainy night in Belgium, not really Relevant I guess, if only as a mood-setter (and another R). I was new to this whole wine-tasting thing and was Religiously going through the Recommended wines on my new wine course. The bottle had rested in my fridge for quite some time, I had Resisted the tall dark German, now Residing in France, and wasn’t Really looking forward to the tasting and I knew my Husband wasn’t Relishing sharing the moment either but being from the North of England he needed to taste this very expensive wine. In the UK and possibly elsewhere in the world during the 80’s Riesling had, rightly or wrongly, been associated with Blue Nun and Black Tower; cheap and sweet and not very serious wines.

I opened the wine and began the process of taking my notes, I noted the intensity of the colour and then we checked out the aroma, thankfully it smelled divine, Remarkably divine and aromatic, floral, fruity, and some fumes (petrol, kerosene?) we thought. Really very different, I checked my tasting card for the Right terms, what was I searching for? It was a Relief to find that we were enjoying the experience. The palate was steely, very high levels of acidity, it was Refreshingly fruity, there was some minerality, something I now Recognize as Rain-washed slate or stone, there was spice, honey, citrus (lemon). It was amazingly complex, it was dry dry dry, no detectable Residual sugar. This was a Revelation in so many ways and upon Reflection this was the start of my Riesling Romance.


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