February 11, 2014

From Nigellissima by Nigella Lawson

Serves 6


250ml full-fat milk
250ml double (whipping) cream
250g Nutella or equivalent chocolate hazelnut spread
2 leaves fine-leaf gelatine (from a pack where 15 leaves weigh 25g)

Frangelico Cream, to serve (optional):

6 x 15ml tbsp double (whipping) cream
6 tsp Frangelico hazelnut liqueur

6 x 125ml metal dariole moulds (or something similar – I used a mix of ramekins and tea cups)


1.Pour the milk and cream into a pan then add the Nutella. Stir to combine and if you like add a splosh of Frangelico to
the mixture, then heat gently over a low heat.
2.While the cream mixture is heating and coming to a gentle boil, put the gelatine leaves into a shallow dish and cover
completely with cold water. Set aside and leave to soften which will take 3-5 minutes.
3.Once the Nutella has melted into the cream mixture and it is about to come to a boil (when it is starting to bubble
slightly around the edges of the pan), remove from the heat and stir well so that everything is well mixed together. Take
out roughly 250ml of the mixture and pour it into a heatproof jug.
4.Check that the gelatine has softened properly then squeeze it to get rid of any excess water before dropping it into the
jug that has the 250ml of the Nutella mixture, whisking as you do until the gelatine is completely dissolved. Once
dissolved add the 250ml back into the pan to the remaining mixture, continuing to whisk as you do, then finally pour it
all back into the jug so that it is easy to pour.
5.Divide the mixture between your 6 moulds, stirring the mixture a little between each pour. Allow the pots to cool slightly
then pop in the fridge for at least 6 hours but preferably overnight, until set.
6.Once you are ready to serve the Panna Cotta’s you can easily unmould them by dipping the bottom of the pots into some
just-boiled water, one at a time, holding for roughly 8 seconds then allowing to sit for another couple of seconds out
of the water, before wiping dry and putting a small plate or saucer on top and turning over carefully.
7.Alternatively if you do as I did and serve them in tea cups you can miss that out altogether and serve them as they are!
8.If serving with the Frangelico cream, simply mix the cream and Frangelico together then decant into a pouring jug and
serve alongside.



Le Vin:

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