May 18, 2013

James and Joanna King are, deservedly, very pleased with themselves this week.  Here is their latest post:

“What with one thing and another, despite a lot of rain, it has been a great week for Chateau Unang. We have been here making wine for ten years now, gently letting the terroir of Chateau Unang get back to expressing itself, without bullying nature with powerful chemicals, pesticides etc, and the great news is that people are starting to notice. The week started with the International Wine Challenge 2013 where our top cuvée La Coix 2010 and our classic Rouge 2010 were both awarded Silver medals, and then we received this review in the Washington Post (the scoring is somewhere between ‘Excellent and Exceptional!’

“Chateau Unang Ventoux 2009  ★★ 1 / 2

Rhone Valley, France, $19

Dense, deep and dark, it could pass for a Gigondas or a Chateauneuf-du-Pape. This wine, and another wonderful bottling called La Croix, demonstrate the quality that can come from lesser-known regions in Provence and the Rhone Valley”

We are currently enjoying the La Croix 2008 and La Source 2008 reds here in KL. I can’t wait to taste their new vintages in July and arrange for a selection to make their way here after the Summer.

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