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Pink wine is in – again

So it seems that pink wine is in – again. According to the WSTA (Wine and Spirit Trade Association) in 2018 100 million bottles of

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New Latitude Wines

The majority of the world’s wine-making regions lie between latitudes of 30-50N and 30-50S; the climate is best suited to grape growing within those parameters.

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To Oak or not to Oak

Ever since we got bored with heavily-oaked Chardonnay that emerged from Australia in the late 1980s oak has had a bad reputation. It can help

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The real cost of wine

I am often asked to suggest the ideal amount of money to spend on a bottle of wine to ensure it will be decent. There

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W is for Wine Apps

If you go to itunes and type in “wine” you will see numerous sub-categories to choose from each containing several apps. I haven’t explored them

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U is for Umami

I plan to talk about Wine Apps in a few days but couldn’t wait to let you know about “WineQuest” which, and I quote, “after

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O is for Oak (in Wine)

Wines that have been too heavily oaked can be overpowering. But the subtle use of oak will only enhance a wine and if done really

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