Dream Team of Dinner Party Wines
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Published 1 May 2017, ABWM Magazine, “Take A Sip” Column, Malaysia Rather than following this edition’s theme of suggesting my perfect dinner partners I’ve listed my dream team of wines…. Champagne for starters.  The choice of quality champagnes is vast, but more … Read More

New Latitude Wines
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The majority of the world’s wine-making regions lie between latitudes of 30-50N and 30-50S; the climate is best suited to grape growing within those parameters. It could be argued that climate change will shift those boundaries in favour of certain … Read More

To Oak or not to Oak
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Ever since we got bored with heavily-oaked Chardonnay that emerged from Australia in the late 1980s oak has had a bad reputation. It can help to soften the tannins in a red wine but drinkers do not seem to want … Read More

The real cost of wine
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I am often asked to suggest the ideal amount of money to spend on a bottle of wine to ensure it will be decent. There is no absolute answer unfortunately. However I stumbled across a really very informative price guide … Read More

W is for Wine Apps
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If you go to itunes and type in “wine” you will see numerous sub-categories to choose from each containing several apps. I haven’t explored them all but I did use this A-Z Challenge as an opportunity to try a few … Read More

U is for Umami
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I plan to talk about Wine Apps in a few days but couldn’t wait to let you know about “WineQuest” which, and I quote, “after a quick taste interview can predict if you’re going to love, like, or simply hate … Read More

O is for Oak (in Wine)
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Wines that have been too heavily oaked can be overpowering. But the subtle use of oak will only enhance a wine and if done really well the taster shouldn’t even be aware of its presence in the wine-making process. So … Read More

J is for Jeroboam
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It is the name given to the 3 litre bottle size for Champagne (4 x the normal 75cl bottle). The French like to get us a little confused from time to time so this name is also given to 4.5 … Read More

B is for Bordeaux or do you prefer Bored Doe?
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B is for Bordeaux, or do you prefer Bored Doe? More importantly which of these two wines would you buy? Particularly as the latter is a Cabernet Sauvignon red blend with a very non-plussed female deer and a French chateau … Read More

Put your wine through the Taste Test
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If you have read any of my wine reviews, or anyone else’s for that matter, you will note they are all in a certain format; ie look, smell, taste, evaluate. Why look (rather than diving in head first)? Well a … Read More